Thursday, November 28, 2013

jesse bradford romcom. i liked him in clueless no wait it was bring it on, and i hope they serve beer in hell, the tucker max movie nobody saw. elisha from happy endings. kelly bundy, matt dillon man about town ben affleck eating raul. classic funny paul bartel cult classic, free right now but may move to hulu plus.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

hawaii legalizes gay marriage as soon as the governor signs the bill. the gay marriage struggle started in hawaii in behar v lewin or something like that back in the day. baehr v lewin, filed in 1990. today i bought some aloha brand soy sauce that i enjoyed when i was in hawaii 6? years ago. i went to jungle jim's and went a bit overboard, spending $160, more than i'd spent on groceries all year. so it's only taken 23 years to get this far. not that it's an issue i care much about. maybe i'll marry some cute young man from thailand who needs a green card someday.
porn musical number via milkboys